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Cheryl Reid Celebrates the Release of Her New Single 'Move Your Sexy Body'

-- March 11, 2014
Cheryl Reid, Guillermo Zapata, and Lisa Vanderpump

Cheryl Reid celebrates the release of MOVE YOUR SEXY BODY with Guillermo Zapata, Co-Owner of SUR Lounge with wife Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo's The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, and Fashion Designer Gail Garrison.

Cheryl Reid, Peter Madrigal and Lisa Vanderpump

Peter Madrigal of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules and Lisa Vanderpump also enjoy the reveries of the release party.

Cheryl Reid Set to Release Single 'Move Your Sexy Body' 3/11

-- February 17, 2014
Cheryl Reid

Cheryl Reid is set to release Move Your Sexy Body, a song that has been moving club-goers across the country, next month. Written and produced by the critically-acclaimed Wirlie Morris, Move Your Sexy Body has allowed Reid to inspire women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes to "...release that fierce, sexy being inside of them." -- Read More

Eileen Koch & Company INC. Welcomes EDM Recording Artist Cheryl Reid and Her New Single, "Move Your Sexy Body"

-- February 17, 2014 Eileen Koch & Company INC. logo

Electronica/Dance artist Cheryl Reid announces the release of her new EDM single Move Your Sexy Body, slated for release on March 11, 2014.

"There's nothing more beautiful than a woman who discovers, explores, embraces and maintains her sensuality and having the courage to be who she is," remarked Cheryl. "Knowing that your limits, boundaries, or expiration dates are those that you set for yourself." -- Read More

Snoop Lion and Bappi -- July 1, 2013

Hope everyone is following Bappi and Snoop Dog. Snoop has Bappi singing about "Get That Money". We will keep you posted as to when this hot new single will be available.This is a song you will NOT want to miss. There's a surprise featured artist, new on the music scene. We may even give a sample preview!