Lotus Records is a U.S.-based independent record label exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group Distribution. Lotus Records is owned by Cheryl Reid (Los Angeles, California) and is a label that specializes in R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, and Pop music.

Why the lotus?

The answer is simple. For centuries the lotus flower has been a symbol of creation and purity. The lotus plant starts as a small flower at the bottom of a pond. This flower grows through this thick and viscous mud, rises through the water, and blossoms at the surface into the beautiful image you see before you. While this could serve as a metaphor for life, persevering through the trials and tribulations of today's world and growing to bring beauty and joy, Lotus Records has chosen this symbol to represent the artists on the label.

Our artists possess a delicate simplicity, a rare purity, and unique musicality that is missing from so much of today's popular culture. At Lotus Records, we invite you to explore the many different sounds from a wide range of artists all with the single common goal of expressing their lives and experiences through music.

Cheryl Reid, Owner/CEO

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