ARTISTS: Cheryl Reid

Cheryl Reid

CHERYL, a native of Gastonia NC presently resides in Los Angeles CA. As the owner of independent record label Lotus Records, she's earned the right to own and control anything that she creates.

Her mission since conception of the label is to develop and promote exceptional talent to bring their dream to fruition. One such artist, CHERYL and her team landed the #1 position on Billboard charts.

These days CHERYL is gracing you with her own songs and gifts of talent. Her first single is a dance song released this year entitled Move Your Sexy Body. The music in Move Your Sexy Body will capture you and have you moving parts of your body before you realize you are MOVING YOUR SEXY BODY. The lyrics have an uncomplicated, fun, sexy appeal to listeners. Catering to society's intrigue of the power of sexuality.

CHERYL recorded this song as an attempt to inspire women of all ages, race, ability, sizes, shapes, to release that sexy, powerful being inside them. She demonstrates the artful expression of MOVING YOUR SEXY BODY in the video.

MS Cheryl says there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who discovers, explores, embraces and maintains her sensual sexuality and having the courage "to be who she is". Knowing that your only limits, boundaries, or "expiration dates" are those that you set for yourself.

We all love women "in control". Her lyrics take us there with, "I hope that what I see I like, I may just let you ride my bike", or "You may just luck up and get me tonight, first you have to show me you can dance, SO DANCE!"

Move Your Sexy Body was written and produced by Wirilie Morris, the producer for R&B artist Charlie Wilson's latest two Grammy nominated #1 hits. Wirilie says he realized after completing Move Your Sexy Body, they had created a good records.Wirilie is one of her team members who has helped her discover and release her gift. She says she finds strength in being loyal to the team that surrounds her and been loyal and trusting.

Many people out there can sing if they would drop their inhibitions says CHERYL.

"I've enjoyed singing since I was a child, singing in the living room to a hairbrush.
This project is bigger than being a singer. I want to be an inspiration. I've performed as a TV/theatre actress, TV host, beauty pageant contestant. I gave my best and loved it all. I remind myself constantly that there are people from all walks of life watching me, admiring me, mimicking me, being inspired by me. I have to win for them."

CHERYL intends to hook you so we all will MOVE OUR SEXY BODIES as ONE! WOW! Can we achieve world peace through music?! Can never hurt to Move Your Sexy Body!

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